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Tarmac Restoration

Tarmacadam is a material  vulnerable to damage by the sun, rain and wind. New tarmac is full of colour and resin surface often goes sticky in very warm weather. However the combination  of these natural elements will over time start to 'dry out'  and 'bleach' the Tarmac,  this can often cause the surface to crack, break up and lose colour.

Revive Pressure Cleaning offer a specialist tarmac repair and tarmac restoration service for homeowners and commercial customers in Portland, Weymouth, Dorchester and surrounding towns throughout Dorset.  After a few years the resin within the tarmac start to 'dry out' and the colour fades. These factors combined with normal wear and tear often leads to stones becoming loose, cracks start to appear and pieces breaking away.

Pave-Seal's tarmac repair and tarmac restoration service can totally transform existing tarmac leaving it with that 'just laid' look once more.

Our tarmac repair and restoration services include

  1. Treatment of moss and algae (if required) 
  2. Professional cleaning
  3. Remove loose stones
  4. Minor repairs 
  5. Filling of cracks
  6. Application of 'Tarmaseal' tarmac Restorer

The application of Tarmaseal will replace lost resins, restores the colour and  waterproofs the surface making the tarmac resistant to the adverse effects of the weather.

Once tarmac restoration is complete, a top up coat of Tarmaseal every 3-5 years will keep the surface in good condition avoiding the need for expensive replacement.

Please take a moment to look at our tarmac restoration pictures.

For more information on Tarmac restoration or to arrange a FREE quotation, please call us on 01305 823307 or 07774 948245 or enquire online. We cover Portland, Dorchester and Weymouth in Dorset.